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Your institution’s Help Desk is your one stop shop for all things Blackboard—including resetting your password. But, we can help point you in the right direction for some of your most asked questions. Visit our help site to access resources for all of our products and solutions, including Blackboard Collaborate.

  •   Q: How do I log in?
    A: The first step in using Blackboard Learn is to log in to the system. Your institution will provide you with the URL, username, and password. Click here for more information.
  •   Q: What’s my password?
    A: Your institution provided you with a URL, username, and password. If you’ve forgotten your password, follow the instructions here to retrieve it.
  •   Q: How do I change my password?
    A: We recommend that you change your password from time to time to ensure security. From the global navigation menu, click Settings, and then click Personal Information. You can also access Personal Information on the Tools panel. Click here for more detailed instructions.
  •   Q: How do I email my instructor?
    A: The course email tool is a send-only tool. You can send messages from your course to course members' external email accounts without having to launch your external email program, such as Gmail or Yahoo. You can send emails to individual users or to groups of users. Click here for step-by-step instructions.
  •   Q: How do I submit an assignment?
    A: On the course menu, select the content area that holds the assignment. For example, your instructor might create an Assignments content area. This link will take you to the Upload Assignment page. Review the instructions, due date, points possible, and download any files provided by your instructor. Complete the assignment using one or both of the methods outline here.
  •   Q: How do I check my grades?
    A: Your instructor and institution control which tools are available. On the course menu, click Tools or a customized My Grades link. The My Grades page may include item names, details, due dates, student and instructor dates of activity, posted grades, points possible, links to rubrics used for grading, and your instructor's comments about the items. Click here for a guide with pictures.

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Student resources

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