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Learning Core

Your learners’ satisfaction is profoundly influenced by the way they engage with their studies. The powerful virtual learning environment in Blackboard Learning Core helps enhance their experience by giving them more ways to stay engaged, both in and out of the classroom.

A student takes notes during class.

Get all of this in your core solution:

With your core solution, you can:
  • Create, deliver, manage, assess, and grade courses online 
  • Prevent plagiarism with SafeAssign 
  • Get quick feedback with enterprise surveys 
  • Develop staff with access to social learning and Blackboard’s global learning network 
  • Build rich online courses quickly with access to our global learning object repository 
  • Consolidate learner work online with portfolios 
  • Let learners participate anywhere with mobile access 
  • Choose from flexible delivery options, including Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), self-hosted, and Blackboard hosted

Extend your learning environment

Our Learning Core provides the foundation of a rich virtual learning environment that goes beyond just supporting classroom learning.

Three faculty collaborate on vetting an online solution.

Easy to use

Quickly picked up, yet allows advanced use for sophisticated teaching.

A student engages with his coursework.

Expected, yet

Meets learner expectations, regardless of their technical comfort.

Supportive of the student lifecycle

Supportive of the student lifecycle

Supports learners’ experience from start to finish.

A group of students strike a fun pose at a webcam during an online course.

Engaging and

A tailored, collaborative, and streamlined online experience.

What's Included

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