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VitalSource Bookshelf

Blackboard Learn & VitalSource Bookshelf

The shift from print to digital is well underway as educators and students seek engaging, streamlined reading experiences to achieve their learning goals. That’s why VitalSource Technologies, the world’s leading e-textbook provider, and Blackboard have partnered to deliver all the benefits of the VitalSource® Bookshelf® within the Blackboard Learn platform.

An exceptional e-textbook experience

As tech-savvy students’ expectations for anytime, anywhere content increase, institutions are motivated to find more creative ways to engage these students and effectively manage courses.

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A win for instructors

Instructors can take a critical first step towards digital adoption with easy access to digital textbooks and analytical tools for usage reporting, all directly within the Blackboard Learn platform.

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A win for students

Students get an affordable way to purchase and access course materials on multiple devices, and with cutting-edge features such as integrated notes, highlights, annotations, and more.

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A win for institutions

Institutions get simple content distribution, a uniform student experience and integrated analytics.

Licensing models

The integrated solution is designed to meet institutions’ unique needs and business models:

Meeting expectations of learners & educators

Download the Building Block

The free Bookshelf by VitalSource Building Block is available now on Behind the Blackboard for higher education institutions that license Blackboard Learn 9.1, Service Pack 8 and higher. The technology is available to institutions in the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Australasia, Brazil, Central and South America and South Africa. It will be bundled with future service packs by the end of 2013, making it easy for institutions to automatically take advantage of the solution.


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