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Two mobiles displaying Blackboard Connect interface

Fast and reliable mass notifications

Make your messages better with mass notifications that keep your community informed.

Blackboard Connect™

All of your audiences depend on quick and reliable communications. Easily deliver tailored communications, whether it’s a general update or an emergency.

A mass notification System

Why Blackboard Connect?

Students using their mobile phones

The leading mass notification system for higher and further ed

Engage your entire institution using the mass notification system students, faculty, and staff prefer. Send important messages within minutes via phone, text, email and social media to help ensure safety, increase engagement, and improve enrollment and retention.

Students using their tablets

Blackboard Connect 5

Send timely, targeted messages to your families and surrounding community to keep them safer and better informed.

Business man using this mobile phone

For urgent business communications

Alert your organization in an emergency. Notify employees of schedule changes and location closures. Support disaster-response strategies. Engage your constituents with timely and targeted outreach. Easily deliver recipient-specific information en masse.

Simple and clever communication

Blackboard ConnectTxt™ is a text notification service that allows you to send and receive text messages to multiple people in an instant from your computer or your smartphone. Foster engagement within your community with two-way communication via SMS that’s quick, to the person, to the point, secure, and cost effective.


Reach your community using 2-way messaging

Every day, all types of organisations around the world use Blackboard solutions like ConnectTxt for smarter messaging. But don’t just take our word for it. Speak to any one of the thousands of customers in education, healthcare, local government, or business who trust us every day to deliver their most important messages.

University building in England


Over 52% of UK Colleges & Universities send critical messages with ConnectTxt. Our online applications allow you to send and receive SMS text messages securely from your desktop.

Success stories
Doctor using tablet to review test results


In the health industry, ConnectTXT is used in three key areas: sending out test results, reminding patients of appointments, and for general staff communication.

Computer use in disaster planning and recovery

Public sector

In the public sector, ConnectTXT is used in three key areas: general staff communications, to allow the public to send in messages, and for emergency contingency planning.

Stone engraved Police Station sign

Local authority

In our experience, there are quite a few ways to streamline communication in local authorities, resulting in quick improvements in customer service and delivery.

European conference of leaders


ConnectTXT enables conference organisers to empower their audiences to text a question or opinion, or to join a debate without having to wait for a roving microphone.

Rescue boat responding to emergency call

Emergency planning

Successful organisations prepare themselves for all eventuates. ConnectTxt is an ideal emergency communication tool because it allows you to send out fast and effective messaging when time is of the essence.

Trusted and proven prepared mass notifications

Keep your community closer, stronger, and more secure than ever. Engage your institution using the mass notification system students, faculty, and staff prefer—ensuring that they’re informed anytime, anywhere. Improve safety, increase engagement, and boost enrollment and retention.

Key features

Mass notifications that your institution can count on

Send university notifications via the widest range of communication channels—phone, email, SMS, social media, and more. Enhance campus safety with a robust, reliable emergency notification system. Deliver targeted and relevant custom notifications.

Everyone gets the message

Be sure everyone gets the message

Deliver messages via recorded voice, text-to-speech, SMS, email, TTY, Facebook, Twitter, RSS, fax, pager, and CAP.

Customer service employee talking on headphones

Rapid-response client care

Blackboard Connect assigns you a dedicated client care representative who is committed to your long-term success, 24/7.

Delivered in many languages

Your message delivered in many languages

Reach your entire diverse community – on campus and off – with a choice of languages for voice, text, and email messages.

Success stories

University of Ulster instructor speaking on the benefits of Blackboard Connect

University of Ulster

Ensuring effective learning in a large class with varied ability is a challenge. The University of Ulster turned to Blackboard Connect to develop a package of learning tools to help deliver improved outcomes.

Communicate confidently when every second counts

There's no better way to keep your employees, partners, and customers informed. Our mass notification system will help you get targeted messages to the people who need them – with unequaled quality, speed, and reliability. Urgent alerts will reach your community in minutes.

Key features

Reliable notifications for urgent situations

With our mass notification system and robust dashboard, you can send customized alerts to individuals via communication channels including unlimited phone, e-mail, SMS, social media messaging, and more. Rest easy with full message status reports.

Business man using mobile phone in office

Powerful, easy Flexfield messaging

Let users send messages by creating a single notification that contains information specific to individual recipients.

Business man using mobile phone while walking outside

Disseminating information in emergency

With unlimited subsites to mirror your organization's structure, send critical messages via cell, television, and radio.

Match the message to the location.

Match the message to the location

With GISTargeting, use mapping to reach specific offices or individuals with messages based on their geographic location.

Success stories

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    As chief communications officer, I can’t imagine doing my job without Blackboard notifications.

    Kevin Christian, Public relations officer, Marion County Public Schools

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    What always brings us back to Blackboard is the customer service. Blackboard is worth what we pay.

    Zac Rantz, Director of communications, Nixa Public Schools

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    By using Blackboard Connect, we not only lowered our labor costs but were able to reallocate those resources to tasks that actually increase revenue.

    Shannon Sweeney, Water Resources Manager, Santa Maria Utility Department

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