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Flexible, efficient, complete: a new way to learn

Blackboard Learn™

You need a proven solution that continuously evolves to meet your users’ needs. Your educators and administrators need data to demonstrate student success. With Blackboard Learn, you’ll have a partner to boost your technology adoption and achieve your broader goals.

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A new learning experience for students, and educators

Today’s digital natives hunger for new educational approaches. Educators are more willing than ever to teach with technology, if it’s powerful and easy to use. Let’s work together to give you the tools, services, and support to meet these challenges.


Simple. Powerful. Effective.

Meet the ever-growing expectations of your learners with a proven solution that saves you time and helps you drive success. It’s a simpler, more powerful learning environment.

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Easy to use

A simple, intuitive, delightful teaching experience. To put it simply, everything works the way you would expect.

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Anytime, anywhere access

Give learners anywhere, anytime access with our unmatched experience that's modern, intuitive, and works on all devices.

Student engaged with laptop

Engage the learner

Collaboration tools spark student interaction with integrated assessments and less fuss. Learners choose how to connect.

Learn the way you want

Easily stay on top of what's important across all your learning activities. Quickly connect and collaborate with others. Ensure your success.

Woamn using tablet and headphones at the beach

Anytime, anywhere access

You'll have anywhere, anytime access with our unmatched experience that's modern, intuitive, and works on all devices.

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Love your learning

A simple, intuitive, delightful learning experience. To put it simply, everything works the way you would expect.

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It's better to learn together

Collaborative tools spark engagement, interaction, and make learning fun. Collaborate to boost your learning.

The only digital learning tools your school needs

The New Learning Experience for teaching and learning

We’re creating a new way to teach and learn online. One that puts learners at the center, while making it easy for faculty to foster learning. It’s your foundation for an unmatched education experience, providing the technology and support to meet the evolving needs of students.


Learn the way you want

Check your grades anytime, anywhere. Connect with professors, classmates, and a global network of learners. Collaborate on projects and in study groups. And always stay on top of what's important across all your courses and other activities.

Screenshot of Blackboard Learn notes

Stay in the know

View announcements, updates, and due dates from across your courses. Contribute to discussions and blogs. Check grades.

Create your academic persona in Blackboard Learn

Create your academic persona

Your profile: a visual way to tell your story to peers, professors, and employers. Show off your skills and experience.

Image of the people in your Learn network

Connect with your learning network

It’s better to learn together. That’s why you’ll love our social tools for finding and connecting with others.

Simple. Powerful. Effective.

Meet the ever-growing expectations of your students with a proven higher ed solution that saves you time and helps you drive student success. It’s a simpler, more powerful learning environment.

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Grade with ease

Grade and annotate assignments, blogs, journals, and more as you view them in the web browser. No downloading required.

Graph of a student's progress

Identify and help students at risk

Get alerts for late assignments, low grades, disengagement, and more. Then intervene in time to retain that student.

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Embrace the wide world of content.

Get the deepest, state-of-the-art integrations of educational content with single sign-on, one gradebook, and more.

Engage students. Empower faculty. Drive change.

Deliver online education that engages students. Give faculty and students an easy way to interact. Access detailed data to demonstrate student and program success. All with Blackboard Learn, the proven solution that evolves with your institution.

Items one needs for learning

Learning Essentials

Develop your institution’s online learning offering, and increase performance and retention with our powerful virtual learning environment and collaborative learning platform.

Man using tablet with ease for learning

Learning Core

Engage your students in and out of the classroom using the powerful virtual learning environment in Blackboard Learning Core.

Power up your VLE. Exceed expectations.

Educators can spark student interaction with less fuss. Students can connect and collaborate the way they want. And using VLE data, administrators will drive the institution to evolve and excel. When everyone else's life is easier, so is yours.

Screenshot of Blackboard Learn tools

The right tools for all faculty

Whether they’re online savvy or just starting out, your faculty will have the tools, programs, and services they need.

Choose your deployment model available on the cloud

Deploy it your way

Choose the deployment model that best meets your institution’s needs. Our seven data centers on four continents represent the largest private cloud in education world-wide. Trusted, proven, reliable.

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Full customization. Complete integration.

Customise the experience for your institution and each user. Create a one-stop shop for online education.


More information

Reliable, scalable, complete digital tools

No other company offers you a comprehensive suite of solutions and services – with proven experience, reliability, scalability, and accessibility. Learn how a partnership with us can power up your school’s commitment to student success.

Use online learning to develop tomorrow’s leaders

Provide the training that your learners need to move your business forward, without additional travel. Connect your learners with learning platforms that create and preserve institutional knowledge. Enable learners to choose the learning style that will be most effective.

Key Features

One solution for all your training requirements

Scale instructor-led training online without sacrificing the quality of face–to-face. Turn to Blackboard Learn for all the online learning and training capabilities that your enterprise will need to grow revenue and impact more people.

Personalize your learning environment

Personalize the learning environment

Your brand’s look and feel. Blackboard’s industry-leading digital technology. That’s a match made in training.

Close up of name badge on man's suit lapel

Learner registration and e-commerce

The Blackboard Registration Module lets you streamline training and even resell it using e-commerce functionality.

Digital badges to clarify skills

Recognize training with digital badges

What will your employees have to show for their training achievements? Digital badges that travel with them online.

Business services

Adult students receiving training in class

Robust training

Our experts will provide the guidance and resources to bring your people up to speed quickly with comprehensive training.

Professional woman asking question in training class

Customized training services

We’ll partner with you to help plan and launch a training ecosystem that will precisely match your agency’s goals.

Person hand-drawing network with a cloud model

Business Cloud services

Cloud Services will keep your training up 24/7, with redundant infrastructure, superior reliability, and scalability.

Unified training, reduced costs.

Easily build a training program that learners can access at their convenience. Create a learner-centric training environment that lowers travel costs, boosts employee or partner certifications, increases engagement, and can measure training programs and their impact on business objectives.

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    The implementation of Blackboard Learn has allowed us to communicate more effectively with our applicants and alumni in a more accessible way.

    Thomson Zulu, Senior Learning Technologist, University Campus Suffolk (UCS)

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    We wanted an e-learning environment that was simple to use and which we could implement immediately.

    Cecile Chevalier, Co Director of the Centre d’Ingénierie Pédagogique, Paris Dauphine

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    This partnership between HE and secondary schools offers opportunities for greater collaboration and efficiencies, and a smooth transition throughout every stage of the academic journey.

    Leen van Rentergem Director ICT Services, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

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