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Agile Institution

Global higher education continues to change relentlessly. Enormous opportunities exist for institutions that can identify a successful direction, and move there flexibly, while dangers exist for those who can’t. Institutional agility is the capability to adapt and thrive in a fast-changing environment.

A teacher helps a student with a blended learning class.

Solve complex institutional challenges

Complex challenges are abundant for all higher education institutions. Executives face reducing costs whilst maintaining quality, competing globally with other institutions, and expanding student catchment by offering more flexible delivery, amongst many others.

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Components of agility

Agility offers a way to a solution; what do you need to be agile?

  • Ability to explore across categories of current data
  • Confidence in a strategic process to define and plan the necessary change
  • Tactics to free people resources while maintaining reliability of service
  • Options for pursuing change flexibly

Students solicit the help of their teacher.

A data chart

Understand what’s happening right now

Insight derived quickly from current data is fundamental to agile strategic decision making.

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Have a process to implement change

Embedding change in the Institution requires overcoming inertia. Developing a sound and tested process is essential.

Four students collaborate on a school project.

A team of staff and faculty address concerns at their institution.

Deploy people to drive change

Goals and plans require people to staff them. Staff need to be released to pursue high value change activities whilst levels of service are maintained.

A range of options to achieve your goals

Robust technology can solve many challenges. Choosing from a wide range of proven, flexible and integrated options enables success.

Two students working on different devices, together.

Case Studies

Achieving Aggressive Enrolment Goals

Achieving aggressive enrolment goals

With aggressive enrolment goals, Edge Hill took a strategic decision to invest in Blackboard Learn, its virtual learning environment. With its IT department stretched, the University chose Blackboard Managed Hosting to benefit from a much more stable and reliable VLE that couldn’t be replicated internally.

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