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Engaging students and staff

Students who are more engaged achieve better and are more likely to graduate. Students who are less engaged often underperform, require more support, and are more likely to drop out, all with financial consequences. Engagement is key to successful students, and by extension, staff.

Further education student riding in car engaging his files with mobile

What is engagement?

Engagement is the effort students give to achieving desired outcomes, and the effort the college gives to inducing their participation.

How to achieve engagement

Engagement can be built into communications, curriculum, student support services, and learning technology.

Illustration of different methods of communication a student would use

Improve communication

Use data to find the best way to communicate with your students.

Teacher engaging student in discussion

Engage your learners

Build communication and learning style preferences into curriculum to suit the student’s needs.

Teacher and students with superimposed analytics studying at-risk rating

Improve support

Use data to identify at-risk and under-performing students to re-engage them.

Students enjoying use of tablet and freedom is allows in coursework

Embrace technology

Use students love of tech to engage them on and off campus.

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