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Be more competitive with fewer resources

Developing learners with the right skills whilst using fewer resources has never been more important. Funding continues to be cut nationally which provokes the drive for greater efficiency and the search for new revenue streams. Further Education institutions face change.

Teacher assisting adult students on the computer

Find the right levers

To compete FEs are pursuing closer ties with employers, and efficiency through staff reduction and increased technology use.

Do more with less

Technology offers scalable solutions, individual differentiation, fast metrics and analysis and a way to engage learners.

Computer class with further education students

Effective recruitment

Reach a tech-savvy audience the way they want to be reached.

Two students working on computer outside university

Deep learning

Offer learning that’s differentiated, flexible and engaging.

Student working at home on tablet

More student access

Enter new markets with learning anytime, anywhere on any device.

Student collaboration at laptop

Better decision making

Get actionable info quickly to respond to deep challenges.

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