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Blackboard Predict

Many students who meet higher education admissions standards still struggle in their classes. First generation students from low-income families are particularly at risk, not because they lack ability, but because they lack the 'know-how' necessary to navigate complex institutions of higher education. Intensive advising works, but only if advisors are able to reach out in time to make a difference. Blackboard Predict provides educators with the timely information they need to help students complete college at a higher rate, more quickly, and at a lower cost.

Drive student success with with predictive analytics

What if we could identify at-risk students, and intervene before they go off track?

Blackboard Predict uses data from your existing student information and learning management systems to build a predictive model that provides clear, actionable early alerts to faculty and advisors. Now they can reach out to struggling students in time to make a life-changing difference.

Blackboard Predict enables student intervention to increase success

Key benefits

student and instructor working on issue

For students

Motivate students by visualizing the long-term consequences of their learning behaviors compared to their peers.

Instructor and student discussing problem

For instructors

Provide weekly success probability scores based on student activity. Empower instructors to make informed intervention decisions.

Advisor and student reviewing course load

For advisors

Give advisors a comprehensive and timely view of the student course activity and relevant demographic information they need for proactive outreach.

Administrators discussing analytics of retention

For administrators

Deploy our flexible architecture to pull data from – and feed data to – various information systems. Blackboard Predict adapts to existing workflows.

How we’re different

More information

Students succeeding

Boost your student success strategy

With advanced insight, faculty and staff can not only quickly identify who is at-risk, but also intervene while there is still time to make a difference for that student’s success. Learn how Blackboard Predict can help you gain an edge beginning as soon as this fall.

Advising Answers Playbook

Advising Answers: Data's Impact on Student Success

Advising + Data = Student Success. Bringing comprehensive data into the advising picture can make a sizable difference in a student's outcome. Through the strategic use of data, students can now be identified before there is a crisis occurring along their student pathway to success. This is the future of advising in higher education. Get our new playbook and learn more.

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