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Data-driven decisions mean better outcomes

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Blackboard Analytics

Blackboard Analytics™ empowers you to track and improve the performance of students, online and offline courses, academic departments, and your institution as a whole. We’ll partner with you to help you harness data from LMS, SIS, and then share it with everyone who needs it.

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Analytics for higher education's critical issues

Higher education is under pressure to increase enrollment, ensure students graduate, improve the learning experience, and be accountable and transparent. Many leaders are using data analysis and visualisation like Blackboard Analytics to meet these demands.

Key Features

On-demand access to accurate and usable data

Blackboard Analytics transforms institutional data from programs, faculty, and students to information that is actionable and understood by all stakeholders.

University building

Built for higher education

We develop our technologies solely for higher education.

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We offer deep expertise

Our team includes experts to help you develop key analytics.

Blackboard Analytics for learner engagement

Accurate, timely information is crucial to boosting student engagement. Blackboard Analytics for Learn combines the data from Blackboard Learn™ with student and course data from your SIS to create reports and dashboards for students, instructors, staff, and leadership.

Key Features

Identify and increase learner engagement

With tools to examine and take action on patterns of usage, you can assure growth in your online programs. Students who can see where they stand are more likely to succeed. Make it all happen by using Blackboard Analytics to boost learner engagement.

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Leverage engagement data to grow online

Uncover the insights necessary to improve student engagement, increase adoption of technology, and scale growth of your online programs, using LMS data from Blackboard Learn.

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Students can track their own learning

Engage students by giving them dashboards to monitor their performance in courses and to compare themselves to peers.

Many students who meet higher education admissions standards still struggle in their classes.

First generation students from low-income families are particularly at risk, not because they lack ability, but because they lack the 'know-how' necessary to navigate complex institutions of higher education. Intensive advising works, but only if advisors are able to reach out in time to make a difference. Blackboard Predict provides educators with the timely information they need to help students complete college at a higher rate, more quickly, and at a lower cost.

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For students

Motivate students by visualizing the long-term consequences of their learning behaviors compared to their peers.

Instructor helping student with classwork

For instructors

Provide weekly success probability scores based on student activity. Empower instructors to make informed intervention decisions.

Customer success stories

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    With Blackboard Analytics, I can ask 15 questions in five minutes and get all the answers myself.

    Freeman Hrabowski, President, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

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    Without metrics, we wouldn’t know if what we’re doing is making a difference in meeting our goals.

    Martha Venn, Provost for Academic Affairs, Middle Georgia State College

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    We made more progress with Blackboard in two days than we had in nine months with a consultant.

    Celeste Schwartz, Vice President for Information Technology & College Services, Montgomery County Community College

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