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Release globalisation’s value

Using technology companies could locate any function anywhere in the world and communicate as if they were next door. In reality, companies encountered the challenges of communicating, collaborating, and aligning staff of diverse cultures and languages.

Group of students of various ages and backgrounds in class

Education drives effectiveness

Cross boundary communication can be overcome by pursuing employee education using the right technologies.

Rich technology enables education at a distance

Face-to-face training is expensive but handles complexity. Basic online training could be cheaper but not sophisticated. A rich online solution offers the best of both.

Man's hand drawing a city on edge of globe on glass

Reach globally

Collaborate around rich content anytime, anywhere.

Web conference meeting on tablet

Cut costs

Deep interaction without face-to-face overheads.

Hands of various ethnic cultures coming together

Handle complexity

Instructor-led online training can handle localisation.

Staff meeting in a web conference

Transfer knowledge

Capture, package and share organisational knowledge.

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