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Making digital course content more accessible

For academic institutions, ensuring that their courses are accessible to all students has become both a legal and a moral imperative. Because of this, institutions are increasingly designing their e-learning courses with inclusivity in mind. Yet the process of creating courses that support the varying learning styles and abilities that students bring to the classroom can be challenging. Blackboard offers technology and services that enable institutions to overcome the challenges that delivering accessible course content presents.

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To help ensure that institutions make the most of their Ally implementation, Blackboard has created two companion services.

Institutional readiness: a discovery service designed to analyse and report on an insitution’s readiness for an institutional-wide deployment of accessible course and learning designs.

Training: Designed to provide academics, educational technologists, librarians and other supporting teams with a general overview on how to design and develop accessible digital course content and how to use Ally to improve its accessibility.

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Why accessibility whitepaper

Why Accessibility

Worldwide, one billion people experience some type of visual, hearing, or cognitive disability - roughly 15% of the world's population. Learn why accessibility is a moral and legal imperative for education.

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