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Meet the leadership team

Dr. William (Bill) Ballhaus - Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and President

Bill Ballhaus 

Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and President

Tim Atkin, Chief Client Officer

Tim Atkin 

Chief Client Officer

Katie Blot, Chief Strategy Officer

Katie Blot 

Chief Strategy Officer

Tim Tomlinson, Chief Product Officer

Tim Tomlinson 

Chief Product Officer

Denise Haselhorst, Chief People Officer

Denise Haselhorst 

Chief People Officer

Stuart Kupinsky

Stuart Kupinsky 

Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel

Lisa Mayr, Chief Financial Officer

Lisa Mayr 

Chief Financial Officer

Lee Blakemore, President, Blackboard International

Lee Blakemore 

President, Blackboard International

Mark Gruzin, President, Blackboard North America

Mark Gruzin 

President, Blackboard North America

David Marr, President, Blackboard Transact

David Marr 

President, Blackboard Transact

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